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We are happy to welcome anyone who has made it to our new and small blog that is made to be dedicated to the new fashion trends.  ​         Our goals are: Dedicated to clothing; Bringing only the best, affordable clothes; To post atleast 3 times a week, preferably alternate days; We will try and balance between different genders; Make a shop to access some of the clothes we will be posting about; Inspire upcoming designers to make clothes that will meet the new fashion criteria in the future; Grow our blog to reach a very large audience; To engage with our viewers and share ideas; In the future make this a business that can give employment opportunities. ​         We hope to receive your support and love to keep this blog going and to one day be the leading blog for fashion.         Please do share our content with your friends and family and comment to let us in on your opinions and ideas for efficient growth.         Help us through our journey, lets grow together, and inspire the growing youth, to keep fashion alive as we know it.  LetsBringTheTrend

Get to Know Us

We are growing bloggers and future marketers, who are mainly involved in the new fashion trends of the European countries.

    The inspiration for this came to me from staying in Russia for over 7 years, I have noticed a continuous growth in their fashion sense, and I thought of bringing these fashion trends in my home country.

    In conclusion, we will try and bring you the best trends out there, so we can keep our country on top and hopefully inspire some designers in our countries to make the new future trends.

    We also have a shop on our side bar, to access some of these amazing clothes, so you can be ahead of the curve. (The shop is not active as yet, but in the future it will be)


Thank you for visiting our website.

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