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A Taste of Summer

Disclaimer: many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us, which will help this blog stay alive. However this does not influence our evaluation. Our opinions are our own.

Women's Jackets

Summer! that time of the year when we would rather stay at home than go out because of how hot it is and wearing clothes just becomes a chore, but we have brought you a selection of summer jackets that will probably make your summer stylish again.

We are happy to bring you our very first post exclusively for women! These few selections that we have brought for you today, according to us, make for a great summer style.

Without further ado, we will get right into our summer selection.

No.1. One of our personal favorites! We bring you this knitted long sleeve cardigan! It is extremely cute and looks like a very comfortable pullover for a sunny day. The laces can be tied in a nice little bow, that would add to it's cute feature.

girl wearing a pink cardigan/pullover

No.2. This cropped summer coat has a thin material and a plus point is that it is adjustable at the waist. It can be used as part of your gym outfit, pump cover ;), or even just as a casual coat that you can wear for brunch.

summer jackets, one black and one grey

No.3. A cropped denim jean jacket. For those of you who love their ripped jeans, we bring you this ripped jacket, it looks absolutely amazing with its fading blue. It would go perfectly in a party with some nice white sneakers and jean shorts.

girl wearing a denim jean jacket

No.4. Here's an oversized fit long sleeved denim jacket that can be buttoned up. Now this jacket is one that we like a lot too! It looks like a really cool biker jacket and would give the wearer a tough look :).

girl wearing an oversized jean jacket

No.5. Okay now this one is one of those stereotypical biker jackets that apparently can be used for summer as well. So, this was specially placed in for one of our readers that loves biker clothes and she insisted that biker clothes defy the rules of the seasons XD.

girl wearing biker jacket

No.6. This last one was a jacket we placed just for the fun of it. It is hilarious but for some odd reason, I personally, want to purchase it haha. It has a weird balloon like look to it, like an inflatable dancing tube man. This would definitely keep you cool in summer. I wish I knew of this earlier this year so I could escape the boiling heat of the city I was in!

jackets that have air ventilation, inflatable man

Once again we come to an end of another post. To all our readers who have made it this far into the post, we are very thankful and happy to have you here, we ask for your continued support and as always please comment down below on what you think of our choices and if you used our link to make any of these purchases.

Let us know about your favorite summer wear and what you would like to see in the coming posts and we will make that happen :).

Please share with your friends and family and anyone who may be interested and we are open to any opinions that you may have for us to make our blog better and more suited for your liking, Thank you and stay trendy!


Co-writer - @mitch_lisa_

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