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Baggy Shirts

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Disclaimer: many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us, which will help this blog stay alive. However this does not influence our evaluation. Our opinions are our own.

Alright we know this isn't new, actually, baggy shirts used to be an old trend back in the day, but guess what, its back!

For this post I am going to show you some of my personal favorites when it comes to over-sized shirts, these shirts go amazingly with shorts and some loafers or even sneakers, depending on the occasion. You can even wear these shirts over a nice plain tank top, nice plain T-shirt or even rock it solo.

Personally, I bought like 3-4 of these kinds of shirts at one time. I absolutely loved the feel and it looked amazing.

No.1. This Hawaiian Floral casual shirt looks amazing, gives off a beach vibe which we liked a lot, I personally own this exact same shirt, with this exact floral pattern, that is one of the reason I put this as an example, trust me, it looks great!!

man wearing floral baggy shirt

Okay, we might have gotten a little carried away showing off the first one.

No.2. Now this one is a little more casual, but perfect for your day to day, I can literally go anywhere in this outfit, I actually do to be honest, not in the same outfit but similar.

man sitting, wearing a stripped baggy shirt

No.3. The pattern on this one is amazing, love the colors as well, it would go great with a plain white T-shit inside, with some nice loafers or even sneakers. I have a very similar shirt except mine is blue and white on the left and right respectively, with the same patterns, I love the design on this one!

man wearing a black and pink baggy shirt with an Indian style design

No. 4. Lastly, how can we not add a plain shirt, this is a classic, who doesn’t love plain shirts!, These would go great on a pair of white shorts with nice brown loafers (in my personal opinion).

man wearing a plain over sized black shirt

One piece of advice, when purchasing such shirts, make sure you get a size that is above your own, the larger the shirt, the better. Even if you find a normal shirt with the design that you like that is not oversized and you were hoping for it to be over sized, you can always go ahead and get it a size or two larger, it will completely transform the look of the shirt on you!

Well this marks the end of the second blog, if you made it to the end of this post, thank you very much, we appreciate every reader who takes their time in the day to read our small blog.

Please do share with your friends and family and with anyone who would be interested. Do leave a comment, we would love to know what you think of our post and also if you rock these styles!


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